IC AVR ATTiny2313

IC AVR ATTiny2313



IC AVR ATTiny2313 produksi ATmel

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  • 2K Bytes Flash
  • 128 Bytes EEPROM
  • 128 Bytes Internal SRAM
  • Programming Lock untuk Flash Program dan EEPROM Data Security
  • 1 buah 8-bit Timer/Counter dengan Separate Prescaler and Compare Mode
  • 1 buah 16-bit Timer/Counter dengan Separate Prescaler, Compare and Capture Modes
  • 4 PWM Channels
  • On-chip Analog Comparator
  • Programmable Watchdog Timer with On-chip Oscillator
  • USI – Universal Serial Interface
  • Full Duplex USART
  • In-System Programmable via SPI Port
  • External and Internal Interrupt Sources
  • Low-power Idle, Power-down, and Standby Modes
  • Enhanced Power-on Reset Circuit
  • Programmable Brown-out Detection Circuit
  • Internal Calibrated Oscillator

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IC AVR ATTiny2313

IC AVR ATTiny2313

IC AVR ATTiny2313 produksi ATmel

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