HC-05 Arduino Bluetooh Bee Bluetooth Wireless Module



HC-05 Arduino Bluetooh Bee Bluetooth Wireless Module


Now most high-end electronic devices are equipped with bluetooth technology, suchas notebook computer, mobile phone, PDA and so on, the end of the bluetooth technology "cable nightmare" entered a new era of wireless.


BluetoothBee Bluetooth wireless data transmission module USES the XBEE modelling design,compact size, size is compatible with the expansion of the XBEE base, suitablefor all kinds of 3.3 V of the SCM system, the module can use the AT command setthe baud rate and mode of master-slave machine, the default baud rate: 9600,from the machine model.


Takeefficient on-board antenna, the antenna exposed launch farther improve signalquality, transparent serial port, can be used with all kinds of pairingbluetooth adapter, bluetooth mobile phone. Humanized design to facilitate thesecondary development.


Testedthe module can be paired with all of the bluetooth adapter on the market use(with bluetooth, including laptops and mobile phones), please rest assuredpurchase.



1. support Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR standards

2. support of bluetooth master-slavemodel for the software/hardware Settings

3.  through the command, can send modulecontrol parameters and commands

4. work status indication

5.  suitable for embedded wirelesstransmission

6. vehicle-mounted efficient antenna

7.  support connection from the device



1. the bluetooth protocol: bluetooth 2.1+ EDR standards

2. the USB protocol: USB v1.1/2.0

3. working frequency: 2.4 GHz ISMfrequency band

4. method of modulation: gaussianfrequency shift keying

5. transmission power: 4 or less DBM,the second level

6. sensitivity: - 84 DBM or less mistakenlyrate at 0.1%

7. the transmission rate: 2.1 megabitsper second (Max) / 160 KBPS (Asynchronous); 1 MBPS / 1 MBPS (Synchronous)

8. security features: authentication andencryption

9. the supporting configuration:bluetooth serial port (the primary and secondary)

10.the power supply voltage: + 3.3 VDC50 ma

11. the working temperature: - 20 to 55 degrees Celsius

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HC-05 Arduino Bluetooh Bee Bluetooth Wireless Module

HC-05 Arduino Bluetooh Bee Bluetooth Wireless Module

HC-05 Arduino Bluetooh Bee Bluetooth Wireless Module